Dogo Argentino


Me llamo Tehuelche Blanco de Agallas, y yo soy un Dogo Argentino.

Oops... I forgot to switch to English (my 3rd language, as Dogo is my first and Castillian Spanish my second).


My full name is Tehuelche Blanco de Agallas, but everyone calls me Te-Che (pronounced as tay chay). I am a Dogo Argentino, also known as an Argentine Mastiff. I recently inherited this website from my Uncle Che, and now I am the head Dogo on our ranch.

In the following pages I will discuss how I came from Argentina to Southern California.  I will also discuss food, the peculiarities of us Dogos, food, my love life, as well a little bit more about food. So take a few minutes to learn more about me and Dogos in general. Oh... and there is also a few words about my pack mate, Pimpinela, as well as our son River and his littermates, the rest of our children.

In the meantime, don’t forget to give your dog a raw and meaty bone!

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Tehuelche Blanco de Agallas (alias Te-Che)

What’s in a Name?
Bet you can’t guess how I got my name.
Well, I was named after a tribe of Indians located in the southern part of Argentina, called the Tehuelche. My  Uncle Che was named after the Mapuche Indians, friends of the Tehuelche.  Also, many of the original “gaucho” words were based on the Mapuche language.  And no - I don’t know how to speak Tehuelche.  Now what about my call name? Well it rhymes with hay and the C is pronounced hard like cherry. Che is a term that the Argentines use to call their buddies. For instance, if I saw my human Dan, I might say “Che Dan, como te va?”. Also, Che is the last syllable in Tehuelche.
Tehuelche de Agallas - "Te-Che"

Got questions or want to know more abut Dogos, then please contact my Webmaster and Human - Kym.

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